White Lotus

The Lotus Sleep System

A truly luxurious experience, the Latex Organic Tranquil Us Handcrafted Sleep System is one of the most supportive and comfortable sleeping options available. The sleep system is comprised of two pieces: (1) the LOTUS mattress that’s made with a 6" Latex Talalay Core wrapped in 100% Virgin New Zealand Wooland encased in a pure natural cotton and (2) our LOTUS topper made with a 2" Latex core wrapped in wool and encased in a super soft natural cotton sateen casing. For those looking to invest in your personal health while keeping the environment in mind, this is the sleep solution for you.

Natural Wool Mattress

White Lotus Home presents the non-toxic, all Wool Mattress, this natural mattress is made with New Zealand virgin lambs Wool.... Due to customer demand, we are now offering this natural and chemical free wool mattress. A White Lotus Home ALL Wool Mattress has a 100% cotton outer ticking and it is handmade in the USA. These wool mattresses offer a chemical free sleeping environment and the wool acts as a natural fire retardant....No NEED FOR CHEMICALS or Fire Retardants

Kapok Pillows

Kapok pillows are made with natural casing and the kapok is harvested in the rainforest, protecting the life ways and ecosystems of indigenous people, and hand-stuffed in the USA to make the most eco-friendly pillows on the market. Kapok, a fiber extracted from the seed pod of the kapok tree, provides the baby soft touch and comfort of down, while offering a natural alternative to the cruelty involved in extracting feathers from our winged friends. Kapok pillows mold for your support and pleasure. White Lotus Home believes kapok makes the best pillows in the world.

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