Suite Sleep

Suite Sleep, Inc. is a manufacturing company based in Bolder Colorado bringing the world's finest green products together with distinguished retailers, designers, boutique hotels, and sleep centers nationwide.

Growing sensitivities to the variety and abundance of chemicals used in the manufacture of everyday items prevent more and more people from functioning in the chemical soup that surrounds us daily. Conventionally grown cotton used in most bedding relies heavily upon chemicals that leave toxins in the soil, water, and air, as well as toxic residue on the cotton fibers.

In an effort to preserve our own health, the health of our families, and the environmental health of the planet, many people are choosing a simpler more natural way of life. The Collection is designed for those who wish to live in a cleaner, safer environment, while enjoying a top quality hand-made product. The materials we use are the finest nature can provide - certified natural hand-picked cotton, natural wool and natural rubber.Our line of all natural bedding starts with the finest raw materials the industry has to offer. The luxury mattresses we include in this collection spares no expense to quality, attention to detail, and purity of materials. Made by our manufacturer in the beautiful US of A, these products are produced by craftsmen who have been offering fine mattresses for generations. The Suite Comfort Collection includes 3 mattress options: 6" mattress, a layered 8" mattress, and a layered 10" 100% natural latex rubber mattress.

The Collections,

The Little Lamb Organics Grow with Me Collection

The Little Lamb Organics Grow with Me Collection is perfect for your little one moving into the "big kid" bed. Building each layer as your child grows, makes this an affordable solution for parents who want a natural mattress for their kids.

The Ace Hotel Collection

The Ace Hotel Hospitality Collection mattress is perfect for almost any sleeper. Also known as the Suite Dreams, it has 8 inches of latex surrounded by natural wool and natural cotton. Soft latex on top and firmer latex underneath is an ideal comfort level for 80% of our customers. call for pricing.

The Suite Vesta Collection

The Suite Vesta mattress is named after the Roman Goddess Vesta. Goddess of household abundance and well-being, Vesta energizes the home with a welcoming energy for health, warmth, and comfort. We designed this European style sleep system with these qualities in mind using 3 separate layers of 100% pure natural latex. The bottom layer is 2 inches of FIRM latex topped with a 4 inch layer of latex in a firmness of your choosing and then a comfort layer of 2 inches of SOFT natural latex rubber. The entire sleep system is encased with a zippered, quilted cover made with natural cotton jersey double knit fabric and 100% natural-wool batting from the California and Oregon coastal region. The Suite Vesta mattress is a great choice for those who like a soft, plush mattress while offering excellent, customizable support. call for pricing.

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