OMI mattresses

  • GreenGurard and Leed Certified
  • Highest qulaity of Natural Wool which regulates body temperature
  • No Chemical Fire Retardants
  • No Silica or Kevlar bonding to Wool.  All Natural
  • All Natural Talalay Rubber Latex
  • Quality, Comfort, Purity


Organicpedic by OMI is more than just America's leading manufacturer of natural mattresses and bedding.  They are also a full circle environmentally friendly company committed to offering customers the purest natural mattresses and bedroom products available with the least environmental impact.

OMI's handmade custom natural mattresses are manufactured in Northern California by expert artisan who provide the most comfortable natural mattresses available.  OMI uses only the highest quality all natural Talalay rubber latex that is manufactured in the USA.  OMI also sources and manufactures the highest quality, first pick natural cotton and wool from the USA as well.  Sourcing and manufacturing products in the USA protects from the potential contamination from fumigation that is mandatory at USA ports when products are brought in from onverseas.   

 There is a reason why OMI makes the #1 selling natural mattress made in the United states.  No other natural mattress manufacturer can match OMI's purity assurances.  Since OMI makes absolutely no conventional or chemical mattresses, there is no chance of toxic chemicals ever contaminating their mattresses or bedding as there is in a mix production facility where organic and conventional mattresses are made in the same factory.

OMI is so committed to purity that no workers are allowed to smoke, wear perfumes or use chemical dryer sheets on their clothes.

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OMI is also the first natural mattress company to be GreenGuard and Leed Certified.  This certification provides independent 3rd party certification that OMI natural mattresses and bedding meet healthy levels of Volatile Organic Compouns (VOC).  OMI meets the highest standards of GreenGuard certification for children and schools.  No other company gurantees such a high standard of purity, comfort and peace of mind in an natural mattess.

OMI is so confident of the purity of their mattress, they will give you yours free if you can find another mattress of equal purity!

Your Organic Bedroom is located at 19 East Oakland Ave., Doylestown, Pa., Bucks County (215-345-5551)  is an OMI authorized dealer for the tri-state area.  Stop in and see the quality, comfort and purity of  OMI natural mattresses and bedding.  


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